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London Underground olympics offer

25 May 2012

Following confirmation from LU management of the final offer on the Olympics, your representatives are meeting next Monday 28 May to debate the offer.

Please ensure you all feed into your representatives your views on the offer which we outlined in our previous circular, but we will summarise again as follows:

1) £400 lump sum payment and
2) £100 CSS bonus, set against a reduced satisfaction score of 78 points. At first, the offer applied to operational staff only, but it was later conceded to extend to non-operational staff.

3) In return for each Functional council area agreeing to changes within their framework agreements for the games period only, a one off lump sum payment of £350 would be paid to all operational staff in:

  • APD
  • Stations and Revenue Control
  • Service Control including Duty Reliability Managers
  • Operational Managers in COO and APD, including Network Operational Learning Trainers.

4) The flexibility document (Martini doc) was confirmed as withdrawn.

5) There will be no compulsory working surrounding any additional/overtime work.

Please ensure you feedback your views through your reps, and we will provide a further update immediately following our reps meeting on Monday.

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