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London Underground Pay Claim 2019

22 February 2019

This document sets out our formal claim for improvements to rates of pay and various other conditions of service for all staff covered within the collective bargained machinery employed by London Underground in respect of the forthcoming negotiations.

With effect from the pay anniversary date of 1 April 2019 our union is seeking a substantial increase in the basic rates of pay and other allowances that will lead to a material improvement in the standard of living of our members, including addressing any problems of low pay within the organisation. Whilst pay is obviously the main element of this claim we are also asking for the company to meet our members’ aspirations in the following areas:

A substantial increase in the basic rates of pay and other allowances with a minimum increase of £3,000 per annum within a fair and equal pay system;

Alignment of LUL annual leave with TfL;

Band 1 and above staff to have at least 2 days extra paid holidays;

A substantial increase in pay and associated allowances for working on the 26 December;

A reduction in the working week to a maximum of 32 hours in a 4 day week;

Introduction of a ‘recovery day’ (rather than a rest day) at the end of a rostered run of night duties;

Improvements in travel facilities including 75% discounted rail travel for all staff and benefits following retirement;

A review of equal opportunities and diversities policies with a view to raising standards in line with best practice;

Extend the Medical Assistance Programme to all;

A review of flexible working including arrangements for those who can work from home and family friendly policies, with a view to improving maternity, paternity, adoption and family leave arrangements and making access to flexible working open to all;

Recognition of the problems faced by employees with neurodiverse conditions and a commitment to provide them with practical help and support;

A review of the company’s arrangements for employees approaching retirement.

It is appreciated that these negotiations take place against a background of a growing economy since our last deal was signed in 2015.

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