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London Underground Pay - TSSA rejects latest offer

25 July 2011

Following our reps meeting, we have today written to LU rejecting the pay offer, and seeking further early meetings


Several meetings of the company council have recently taken place with pay at the top of the agenda. Our claim included substantial increase in basic pay, improvements in family friendly arrangements, reduction in the working week, and a number of other issues.

In responding to our claim the company have been clear that aspects of our claim outside of the pay increase that have a cost will effect the percentage increase on pay. They stated the offer made recognises the financial constraints LU is operating in, whilst trying to go towards meeting our members aspirartions.

The current offer is:

  • Year 1: Basic pay increase: 4.75%
  • Years 2 to 5: Feb RPI + 0.25% (or 0.25% underpin for years 2 to 5)

Commitment to a joint working party to discuss family friendly policies, provided this is on a cost neutral basis.

TSSA Reps meeting yesterday to discuss LU pay offer

Your reps met to discuss this offer in detail. In relation to the headline figure for year 1 of 4.75%, this amounts to a pay cut in real terms. The Feb 2011 Retail Price Index figure is 5.5%, so LU are asking you to take a 0.75% pay cut!! This together with a 5 year deal, is simply too long. It does not get us back round the table to deal with pay and any improvements in terms & conditions until 2016! We do not have a crystal ball in terms of RPI, and feel a deal over this length is simply far too long.

Therefore your reps have made it clear we are rejecting the offer, and have asked me to respond to LU (which I have done today) making our position clear. We will be seeking further early meetings to progress our pay claim, with our reps making it clear any deal should look for a minimum of 5.5% (Feb RPI) for this year, and an overall deal of not more than 3 years.

A further circular will be issued following any further meetings progressing our claim.

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