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London Underground Stations dispute: Progress made, talks continue…

17 April 2014

Since the suspension of industrial action following talks at ACAS your representatives have been in intensive negotiations over the last 8 weeks. The progress of these talks has been slow to say the least, but it’s our strongly held view that much more can be gained from remaining in the room and continuing these negotiations.

Story so far….

Through the negotiations a number of grades have now been identified to specific roles and will no longer have to apply for their own job and go through a selection process unless they are applying for a promotion. These include DSM grades getting a guarantee of a CSM1 position, and all Supervisors guaranteed a job as a CSM if that’s a role they want.

The company have also agreed that a Supervisor will be present during traffic hours at ALL Stations. However, the diluting and downgrading of this role is something we cannot and will not accept. This is a clear example of where we clearly have much more work to do through further negotiations.

Negotiations to minimise location moves are continuing. There is an acknowledgement that this is a major issue for our members and the company have committed to keep location moves to a minimum.

We remain strongly against the staffing cuts. However, in terms of Voluntary Severance, the company have indicated that the 650 applications received so far will be approved.

Next Steps….

We met today with your staff representatives and went over the current position and the commitments we have from LU on further talks. The reps voted unanimously to remain in dispute with LU and to continue the negotiations with the company to look at reaching a settlement to the benefit of all members.

To achieve this we have much work to do and our position remains we oppose the closure of ticket offices, we oppose the 953 job cuts, and we oppose the re-organisation of the Station grades and any de-skilling.

We have further meetings timetabled to start next week which will include negotiations on gradings, salaries, ticketing strategy, and a full Station by Station review covering the following areas:

· Proposed Station categorisation

· Customer demand – current and predicted

· Ticketing capacity and demand- current and predicted

· Estimated staffing levels

· The contribution to customer service from the Visitor Information Centres

· Any implications arising from adjacent National Rail services and Crossrail

· Any proposals for vacant ticket office space

· Expectations of service levels for disabled customers

· Overall impact on customer service

Plus: talks on the CAP (Safety), Equality Impact Assessment, Pay and Grading, Job Descriptions, and Ticketing Strategy.

In Summary….

We remain committed to a negotiated settlement without the need to take further industrial action, but we remain in dispute and much progress will need to be made. So at this stage we will continue to use ‘the force of argument’ but be ready, if the company do not make considerable concessions, to use ‘the argument of force’ once again.


We are at our strongest together so please do all you can to talk to colleagues, tell them what TSSA are doing to fight for your futures, and get them to join. Of course they can pick up membership forms from reps, but it has never been easier to join with the ‘join online’ facility by following the link:

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