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Londoners give Boris tube plans the thumbs down

18 December 2013

TSSA stages rally outside City Hall as poll shows less than a third back Mayor's closures & staff cuts.


Londoners have given the Mayor's plans for an all night tube and the closure of 268 ticket offices a big thumbs down, the TSSA said today.
It highlighted a YouGov poll that showed that six out of ten people - 60% - said they would never use the new service or use it less than once a month.
Some 41% said they were opposed to the plan to axe all the ticket offices while 46% said they wanted the Mayor to make cutting fares his number one priority.
"Londoners have rumbled Boris's all night tube service for what it really is," said union leader Manuel Cortes."It is a giant smokescreen to provide cover for his real priority, the closure of all the ticket offices with the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs."
He was leading a protest rally against the cuts outside City Hall with Labour's GLA spokesperson Val Shawcross. She was to challenge the Mayor during his Question Time session on how safety and security would be maintained at stations with closed ticket offices and fewer staff.
The union and the Labour Party are launching a joint campaign in the New Year warning of the safety risks which will follow from the Mayor's plans to remove permanent station surpervisors and replace them with mobile supervisors who will be expected to travel to other stations to cover for emergencies.
Mr Cortes said: "While Londoners want Boris to cut fares, he is raising them in the New Year by 3.1%. Last January he raised them by 4.2%.
"This isn't about improving the Tube, it's about helping Boris to win the leadership of the Tory Party sometime in the next Parliament when he is back in the House of Commons."
YouGov survey results: YouGov tube closures poll
Sample size, 859 London Adults. Fieldwork, Nov 27 - Dec 2 2013.

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