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LRC Recommendations Bus √Čireann

17 May 2013

Please note these recommendations are proposals and not an agreement as being reported in the media. As is the democratic nature of our union these recommendations will have to be balloted on by TSSA members.

During the negotiations at the LRC your TSSA team held a position that we needed to protect core pay, terms and conditions that had been hard earned by the trade union movement over the years.

As part of our position we gave viable alternative proposals which would not have affected your terms and conditions and would have given the company the savings they requested, and in some cases would have given the company extra savings.

The company rejected these viable alternatives, which now justifies the TSSA position that the company via the Minister were not just after cost savings but were intending to go after your terms and conditions. This can only be described as a race to the bottom. In the current climate of austerity a race to the bottom is in no one’s interests.

These recommendations in our view fall short of a fair and equitable proposal.

These proposals appear to hit all our members hard and in particular our clerical and executive members in the middle and lower management areas disproportionately.

Over the coming days we will circulate more information on the proposal as we seek clarification on such issues as the impact on your pensions. TSSA will forward to all members more information on the recommendations as information comes to hand.

Once again contrary to media and company reports NO AGREEMENT HAS BEEN ENDORSED BY TSSA. A ballot on the recommendations will be put to the members next week.

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