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LU attacks non-operational staff

8 October 2010

London Underground wrote to the TSSA yesterday informing us of plans to cut a total of 800 jobs from ‘support services and office based activities’.

These 800 jobs are oevr and above the 800 operational jobs which have been the subject of recent strike activity and ‘separate from, but will help us prepare for, the wider TfL review (Project Horizon) announced by Peter Hendy’.

So there you have it: 800 operational jobs already under threat, and now 800 non-operational jobs, followed by a ‘comprehensive review’ to report next April. This is the old ‘salami tactics’ where the employer makes repeated announcements of job cuts, each bad enough on their own, but which taken together amount to a jobs massacre.

Why should we pay for their crisis with our jobs!

These cuts are a direct result of the political and economic climate in which the government has committed to rapidly reduce the ‘deficit’. The deficit was caused primarily by the government underwriting the toxic loans arrising from irrational speculation by the banks: we are not to blame!

Our jobs are needed to run a safe and efficient tube service. There is no operational justificaiton for these cuts, merely the hope that money currently used to run the tube can be diverted to paying off the deficit. Yet this ‘slash and burn’ approach to public services, when adopted in Ireland lead to a catastrophic collapse in their economy. An alternative exists: the debt can be paid off over a long period of time (just like a household mortgage).

We don’t have to accept these cuts

Operational staff have shown that we don’t have to be passive victims when LU announces job cuts. There is massive public support for the proper funding of public transport. No one wants to pay extorionate fares for a secodn rate service. But if we want to defend these jobs we will need your help.

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