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LU bad faith 'sneak's strategy' delaying Night Tube

29 October 2015

The TSSA rail union is disappointed to learn London Underground management are attempting to by-pass unions in favour of "talks" with individual tube workers.

The discovery comes following TSSA leader Manuel Cortes' invitation to Boris Johnson earlier this week to meet him face-to-face to get Night Tube negotiations back on track. Manuel has not heard back from the Mayor.

But LU Chief Operating Officer, Steve Griffiths says that because unions are failing to consult members, LU management are "continuing to seeking the views of our staff through mixture of face-to-face meetings and online feedback.

Responding to the news, TSSA union leader, Manuel Cortes said, "London Underground Management are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think we don't have the solid support of our members.  

"There has been extensive workplace and local consultation with our reps and members at every stage of the process at our end.

"To say otherwise is a blatant attempt to mislead passengers and provokes mistrust of LU from our members. It is very disappointing.

"On Monday I wrote to Boris Johnson asking him to meet me face-to-face so we could take personal control of the Night Tube negotiations and get them back on track.

"Passengers want it, our members want it and, as far as I can gather, Boris says he wants it.

"Yesterday, London Underground reveal that they are now trying to sneak behind the backs of the rail unions seeking private meetings with or, on-line feedback from our members.

"But LU already know what our members think because we've told them so this sneak’s strategy they're now embarking on is not just an act of bad faith, it's inflammatory.

"Everyone can now see that what we are up against on our side and that it's LU keeping the brakes on the night tube negotiations.

"So it really is time for Boris to pull his finger out on this one and wag it in the direction of LU management who are just blocking the inevitable - night tubes are going to happen.

"By Friday I hope I'll be able to tell you that Boris has finally got round to naming the time, and naming the place to meet me face-to-face so we can finally nail start delivering the 24/7 service that London needs - and still in time for Christmas.

"In the meantime my phone is still on, still waiting for him to call."

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