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LU's Final Pay Offer - ACAS Update

18 October 2019

Friday 25th October 1pm - All IR reps invited to meet at TSSA's office

Your negotiating team of reps met with LU’s management team on 10 October for the 13th day of talks held under the auspices of ACAS.

Finally, after months of fruitless meetings, LU presented their revised multi-year pay proposal covering a four-year pay period from the 01 April 2019 pay anniversary date.

Whilst, considering that offer during an adjournment and before any of the trade unions gave their first response, LU intentionally circulated their proposal which is not typically in keeping with the spirit of ACAS.

Clearly, this was intended to try bypass the process for collective bargaining and force early acceptance.

Full and Final Four-Year Pay Offer

· Year 1 - 2.7% (RPI Feb 2019 +0.2% with a minimum increase of £750)

· Year 2 - 1.4% plus 30-minute reduction in working week (three banked rest days with a target implementation date: mid 2020)

· Year 3 - RPI Feb 2021 + 0.2%

· Year 4 - 1.4% plus further 30-minute reduction in working week (three further banked rest days)

In response to our union’s pay claim the following non-pay items were conceded in the offer received:

· Medical Assistance Programme (MAP) – extended to all staff

· Flexible working/smart working discussions – to be tabled for discussion at MATS/Managers councils 21/11

· Neurodiversity & Family friendly policies - to be tabled for discussion at Diversity & Inclusion Forum on 29/01

For (F) and Against (A)

1. A multi-year deal offers certainty (F)

2. Shorter working week/banked rest days (F)

3. The Medical Assistance Program - specifically a TSSA item - having listened to what your reps had to say it is welcomed that LU said would offer to extend this to all

staff. This has only ever been open to management and train operators previously. (F)

4. TSSA asked for a minimum increase of £3k to help benefit those staff on lower based salaries. Considerably less than LU’s offer of £750 will likely benefit CSA2’s. (A)

5. Year 2 and 4 of the pay offer does not include increases linked to RPI. Whilst RPI can go down as well as up TSSA have always sought to link pay increases to RPI. (A)

6. Travel Facility improvements – the offer to move permanently to post 1996 travel benefits for eligible employees provides no gains and does not mirror what we asked for. (A)

Banked Rest Days is open to further questioning. Points need to be clarified to better understand how this would apply to all staff across non-operational and operational grades.

Your functional council representatives asked for all local representatives to be released to attend a meeting to discuss the offer which has been agreed for industrial reps only.

As this is now a final offer it needs to be considered by our local representatives and not just the negotiating team. Management have now agreed to release all IR representatives.

On Friday 25th October. All IR reps are invited to meet at TSSA’s office (Walkden House, 16-17 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4SQ - near Liverpool St Station).

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