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London Underground to TfL TUPE FAQs

3 May 2017

Frequently asked questions about the proposed TUPE from London Underground to TfL

How do the TfL & London Underground pay bands correlate?

Essentially, admin grades are band 1, support managers are band 2, middle managers are band 3, and senior managers are bands 4-5.


How does this impact on my pay band?

Pay for Performance is complicated and the impact varies from employee to employee. TfL pay bands are lower than LU's, and the amount of pay rise you can get depends on where you lay in the band. Many individuals will find they won't receive a consolidated pay rise if they're near the upper end of the pay band.


My current pay will be TUPED, but how long will it be protected for?   

At this stage you're being TUPEd so your salary remains the same. Many transferring employees are likely to be subject to TfL Transformation after the transfer. As part of this, if you are appointed to a new role with a lower salary, you could then end up with protection of earnings (which lasts for three years) and then having to accept a lower salary unless you secure an alternative role that would enable you to preserve your salary.


Will we get the 4 year LU pay deal if we move to TfL?

No - TfL have indicated you'll receive this year's (2017/18) rise as part of the LU deal, but after that you will be dealt with as part of TfL's pay for performance arrangements.


Does annual leave remain the same?

Yes, unless you sign a TfL contract, in which case you will receive an extra day. Please take advice from a TSSA rep before doing this, because there are importance differences between the policies that will apply to you if you do this.


Will I have to move office?

Not initially - but TfL has an accommodation policy, which means lots of teams will need to move. We already know that there's a new hub building at Stratford and that the lease at Westferry Circus ends later this year. The futures of other buildings remain to be confirmed.


Is there any impact on staff benefits like staff pass, nominee pass, 75% reimbursement on National Rail season tickets? 

All of these travel benefits are the same


Do I get a new contract? If so what's the difference between it and my current contract?

You'll be offered a new contract - the only benefit is an extra day's leave. Many people are still on Metronet / Tube Lines contracts as well as LU ones. In many cases (eg sickness and maternity leave), the TfL terms and conditions are less generous than they are in LU, Metronet or Tube Lines contracts. We advise TSSA members to find the most recent contract they have signed and to discuss this with a TSSA rep.


Do we still have different pay days, as some are paid on Operations pay days and others on support staff pay days. If not how will this change be managed?    

Pay days are in your contract of employment so these won’t change initially. TfL may wish to discuss changing these arrangements with your TSSA reps.


Do existing Job Descriptions transfer over to TfL or are new ones issued?

Existing job descriptions transfer. However, in the majority of cases, it is expected that TfL Transformation will result in consultation about the introduction of new job descriptions soon after the transfer


Will my length of service transfer?

Yes, your length of service will transfer with you


Are Private Medical benefits the same at TfL?



Is VS on offer?

Not at this stage - although it may be offered as part of TfL Transformation.


Is TfL VS worked out the same as LUL VS   ?

HR don't share the calculation with us but we believe the same formula is used


Do we still belong to the same pension scheme? Is there any change to the pension contributions made by the company or staff?   

You’ll remain a member of the TfL Pension Fund. Pension contributions by the company and the employee (including AVCs) remain the same.


If I’m not a union member, how can I be sure my interests will be represented as part of this consultation?

The recognised unions are consulted collectively on behalf of all employees. The best way to make sure your interests are represented is to be part of a recognised union, and to share any concerns you may have with your reps.


How does this impact on those of us who are Licensed LU ambassadors? Will our licences still be valid?

Yes - although TSSA members in TfL pay bands 1-3 are currently taking action short of strike which includes not volunteering as an Ambassador, licensed or otherwise


Why is this happening now when there is an overall plan to maximise TfL efficiency currently under development?

TfL's restructuring and staff reductions policy is less generous than London Underground's organisational change policy. With TfL Transformation expected to get underway shortly after the transfer, it's probably not entirely surprising that they would rather use RSRP than OCP for this process.


Will there be interviews as part of TfL Transformation?

TSSA will be consulted about all aspects of TfL Transformation including pooling and assessment and selection and assessment arrangements. Interviews are one option but so are written applications and technical assessments. There are other ways of mitigating redundancy too, including the use of voluntary severance.


My current job description doesn’t reflect the work I do. If I end up in scope for TfL Transformation, do I face being given a lower job role than I currently undertake?

Pooling is based on job description AND work carried out. It's worth getting these concerns documented early.


Is my grade still MMH1 or do I move in to a TfL grade structure?

SAP will still list your grade as MMH1 but for pay and bargaining purposes from 2018/19, you will be treated as a TfL Pay Band 3.


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