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London Underground -Olympics deal agreed in principle

1 June 2012

Following the last circular issued, TSSA received written confirmation from LU detailing their Olympic Pay Offer. A meeting was called with all TSSA representatives to discuss on 28 May and to consider acceptance. The pay proposal is made up of the following:

 Applicable to Operational and non-operational staff in recognition for flexibility and attendance during the period of the Olympics and Paralympics

· £400 lump sum payment and

· £100 CSS bonus, set against a reduced satisfaction score of 78 points

In return for each Functional council area agreeing to temporary changes within their framework agreements for the games period only, an additional one off lump sum payment of £350 would be paid to all operational staff in:

  • APD
  • Stations and Revenue Control
  • Service Control including Duty Reliability Managers
  • Operational Managers in COO and APD, including Network Operational, Learning Trainers.

The additional payment of £350 does not apply to non-operational grades i.e. administrative, support managers and managers within grades G – J.

After lengthy debate, the meeting of your elected representatives motioned a vote and the proposal was agreed in principle. It was decided that some further representations needed to be made and subject to these being addressed, the proposal cannot be singed off formally. A summary of those concerns are:


There are concerns around the level of training provided which does not compare with the training normally required to warrant the appropriate licenses and which poses safety implications. Assurances are sought that ICSA’s will not be included within the minimum numbers required to staff stations as they will not be competently licensed.


Staff training involves familiarisation of 24 stations over a five day period. This training has been condensed compared with normal practice and again presents safety implications. The familiarisation process does not cover the whole of the station including all assembly points and heightens safety concerns in the event of an incident.


 Voluntary staff will be unlicensed but LU requires them to be utilised at gate lines and on platforms for crowd control. Unlicensed staff should not be used for safety critical work and TSSA requires an undertaking that this will not be the case.

In addition, the Olympic Working and Flexibility matrix (the ‘martini’ doc) has been set aside but TSSA has asked for this to be confirmed as withdrawn, in line with their verbal offer.

Within non-operations it is abundantly clear that volunteer staff are being asked to work evening and weekends. It remains TSSA’s view that this group of staff should be covered within the additional payment of £350 as they are being asked to work outside of their nominal duties and core hours. At the very least, LU should mirror TfL’s offer of increased shift payments for weekend coverage.

A letter has been sent to LU requesting an early meeting to discuss these concerns and which stands between TSSA and LU reaching a final agreement.

TSSA members must ensure to:

  • Make direct contact with your TSSA functional council representatives to provide more info and to cast your views
  • Attend your TSSA branch meeting and or Divisional Council meeting
  • Check TSSA’s web site for updates
  • Contact TSSA’s help desk for help and advice

What should non-members do?

 Join TSSA on-line at


  • Contact TSSA’s office direct for an application form
  • Already a member but want to get more involved with your union, contact


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