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LUL: Snakes and Ladders...

21 August 2015 the only way to describe the shape of dispute talks held recently at ACAS. The pace of talks picked up last week with constructive dialogue taking place for the first time since talks began. However, slippage started on Monday when talks slithered back two steps, dampening our hopes of trying to reach a settlement.


‘For every snake there is a ladder; for every ladder a snake'

Somewhat surprisingly, talks began climbing back up the ladder again during Tuesday’s meeting, resulting in the trades unions making progress on non-pay related issues tied into FftFS, including rosters, shift patterns, some rostering parameters and issues relating to work life balance.

Some progress was made in Night Tube talks, and statements made regarding functional councils, framework agreements and recognition by LU that any changes they wish to make will not be implemented unless by mutual agreement with the trade unions.

All power to the people

It is clear that the progress made so far would not have been achieved without the display of strength shown by TSSA members in taking industrial action. The unity demonstrated by the trades unions has had a direct impact upon talks and has forced LU manaagement to start meaningful engagement.

It has been a long and painfully slow process getting LU’s senior management team to actively listen to the concerns of our members, but the prospect of a further 48 hour strike next week is keeping the pressure firmly on them.

Game not over yet

The recent U-turn by LU in talks over the last few days marks a positive step forwards, with several of our issues now finally being seriously addressed by LU management. However, we are reaching a critical stage in talks, and there remain some key areas to be seriously addressed within our dispute resolution framework. We have no doubt that some difficult discussions now lie ahead.

Key issues still to be addressed are pay, Night Tube payments, Health and Safety Issues and concerns specific to Service Control, tied into the PSCA (Professional Service Control Agreement). Service Control is an area where LU has so far failed to understand the fundamental issues. These have been raised and we are awaiting a direct response from LU.

48 hour strike to go ahead

For these reasons, the 48 hour strike action will go ahead as planned.To lift strike action at this stage of the game would only bring to a halt the progress made so far.

Today a meeting was held with your elected representatives who have been provided with a full update onthe outcomes of recentACAS talks and are now planning for strike action and picket lines. If you need any more info or have any concerns, please contact either your local or functional council representative. The Helpdesk can be contacted on 0800 328 2673by members and can provide advice and assistance It is important thatwe remain strong over these next few days if we are to achieve our aspirations.

Strike Action

There will be two 24 hour strikes next week. TSSA members who would otherwise book on for any shift between18:30 hours on Tuesday, 25 August 2015 until 18:29 hours on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 and between 18.30 hours on Thursday, 27 August until 18.29 hours on Friday, 28 August are instructed by the General Secretary not to do so.

Keep up the overtime ban

The action short of strike is ongoing, and members are therefore called upon not to work any overtime, additional hours or extended shifts until further notice is given.


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