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LUL: Strike Starts Today

8 July 2015

TSSA, alongside RMT, ASLEF, and Unite, returned to ACAS for further talks with London Underground on Tuesday, 7 July. No progress was made as LUL management failed to engage in discussions about key aspects of the dispute, including Night Tube and FFTFS.

Trust and confidence in LUL management is now at an all time low, particularly given their statements to the press yesterday that they had “never said the offer would be withdrawn if the unions didn't respond” and that the offer “was never taken away”. This is entirely untrue, and even LUL’s own guidance to staff indicated that the offer would expire at 18.30 on Monday if not by then accepted in full by all four unions.

TSSA can see little prospect of progress at present, given LUL’s current approach to negotiation and engagement. Consquently, the 24 hour strike – involving all four recognised trades unions – is definitely ON.

The 24 hour strike action, and the continuous action short of strike, applies to ALL TSSA members in London Underground, excluding senior managers.

Strike Action

Members who would otherwise book on for any shift between 18.30 hours on 8 July 2015 until 18.29 hours on 9 July 2015 should not do so.

Action Short of Strike

Members are instructed to take action short of strike from 18:30 hours on 8 July until further notice. Members are therefore called upon not to work any overtime, additional hours or extended shifts from 18:30 hours on 8 July until further notice is given.

Picket Lines

Flags, placards, armbands, hi-vis jackets, flyers, membership forms and other materials for picket lines can be collected from TSSA Head Office, Walkden House, 10 Melton Street, London NW1 2EJ between 9.00 - 17.30 on Wednesday, 8 July. Contact with details of your picket line.

Send us updates and pictures from your picket lines. Email:

Strike Guidance: Frequently Asked Questions

Guidance and answers to FAQs can be found at:


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