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LUL: the strike is on!

1 July 2015

TSSA has today formally served notice of industrial action upon London Underground. In conjunction with our sister unions, ASLEF, RMT and Unite, all TSSA members (excluding senior managers) in London Underground are now instructed by the General Secretary to undertake strike action and industrial action short of a strike at the times as agreed with your functional council representatives set out below.

Strike Action

Members who would otherwise book on for any shift between18:30 hours on 8 July 2015 until 18:29 hours on 9 July 2015 are instructed by the General Secretary not to do so.

The 24hr strike action will take place on the date set out above and on such further dates as possibly notified to you in due course.

Industrial Action Short of Strike

Members are instructed to take action short of strike from 18:30 hours on 8 July until further notice. Members are therefore called upon not to work any overtime, additional hours or extended shifts from 18:30 hours on 8 July until further notice is given.

TSSA Guidance and Information

Your functional council reps and TSSA full-time organisers have met to discuss and agree our plan of action in preparation of next week’s strike. Picket lines and station locations are being agreed and you will be notified of these in due course. In addition, information and guidance packs will be prepared ahead of picket lines and you will be informed as to when and where you can pick these up as well as strike boards, leaflets, flags, armbands, guidance notes, etc.

Volunteers for Picket Lines

In the meantime, TSSA members are asked to volunteer for picket lines. Please remember to make contact with your functional council reps to advise them what times and station locations you will be available to attend.

Dispute Talks and ACAS Update

TSSA, alongside RMT, ASLEF and Unite, met for talks with LUL at ACAS yesterday.

Steve Griffiths, COO, is now leading the LUL management team in talks. He stated that LU “are here to negotiate” and that there are “no barriers to negotiations”. Despite that, however, LUL management are still refusing to acknowledge that their current proposals for Night Tube breach several Framework Agreements, and that any changes to these agreements must be negotiated.

As a result, the pay talks have stalled again, and we are waiting further news from ACAS. TSSA is committed to continuing talks at ACAS, but so far we have seen or heard little to give us confidence in LU management’s willingness to negotiate and consult meaningfully about pay, Night Tube or Fit for the Future Stations.

TSSA and our sister unions do not oppose Night Tube in principle, but we believe that LUL is currently entirely unprepared for implementation in September. Their current proposals pose a threat to the safety of staff and travelling public alike. LUL management also need to recognise that changes to working practices, terms and conditions must be negotiated with the trades unions and NOT imposed. The non-pensionable, one-off payments for the implementation of Night Tube are an insult to staff, as are their attempts to force a ‘no strike’ deal and prevent staff from making any further claims for allowances or pay over the next two years.

Finally, Remember to

United we stand and we will not be divided!


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