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LUL: Unions reject 'reshaped' pay offer

4 August 2015

Following feedback from members and consultation with our LUL Reps, TSSA joined ASLEF, RMT and Unite in rejecting LUL's pay offer, tabled at ACAS last Friday.

London Underground's latest full and final offer differed little from their previous offer, with no change to the £500 one-off payment being offered for the launch of Night Tube. The only real change was that train operators were offered additional payments of £200 per night shift worked, in place of the £2,000 one-off payment.Concerns about staffing levels and safety for Night Tube have still not been addressed.

Following talks at ACAS, LUL also tabled proposals for Fit for the Future Stations, which included a £500 one-off FftFS launch payment to station staff, to be paid at some point next year.

However, London Underground were unwilling to address key issues of work-life balance raised by the unions, and to address the under-staffing of stations because of their decision to cut over 800 jobs. We know that LUL's assurances that all stations will be staffed when trains are running is meaningless; many stations are already regularly unstaffed due to lack of cover.

In summary, London Underground's FftFS proposals would mean:

  • Staff would be required to give up their existing Framework Agreement which protects working practices, and accept LUL's changes to the transfer and promotion process
  • At least 1,200 staff would have significantly fewer weekends off and many others will be adversely affected
  • Staff would be required to work in the Cover Group and the groups either side (which could mean an entire line)
  • Staff would receive HIgher Duty Pay only if they work three consecutive shifts at a higher grade role

The interim rosters that have been circulated by London Underground have NOT been agreed with the trades unions and are a deliberate attempt to undermine negotiations. London Underground's proposals for Night Tube and Fit for the Future Stations put staff and passengers at risk and undermine working practices. They are refusing to recognise and respect negotiated agreements and are undermining long-standing collective bargaining arrangements. However, we have made it very clear that we wish to reach an agreed settlement and that we are available at any time to continue talks at ACAS.

LUL's senior management is seeking to undermine the pay and conditions of all staff, and have said there is "no more money available". Despite this, there are 400+ senior managers employed by TfL earning over £100,000 per year, and this year 26 of the highest earners in TfL were paid a total of almost £1 million in bonuses.

Strike Action

The 24 hour strike starting on Wednesday is going ahead and members of all four unions will be taking action. TSSA members who would otherwise book on for any shift between18:30 hours on 5 August 2015 until 18:29 hours on 6 August 2015 are instructed by the General Secretary not to do so.

Keep up the overtime ban

The action short of strike is ongoing, and members are therefore called upon not to work any overtime, additional hours or extended shifts until further notice is given.

TSSA Guidance and Information

Your functional council reps and TSSA full-time organisers have met to discuss and agree our plan of action in preparation of next week’s strike. Picket lines and station locations have been agreed and are detailed below.Information and guidance packs will be available ahead of picket lines and can be collected, along with strike boards, leaflets, flags, armbands, guidance notes, etc. from Head Office, Walkden House, at the following times:

Monday, 3 August: 12.00-17.00
Tuesday, 4 August: 09.00-17.00
Wednesday, 5 August: 09.00-14.00

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