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London United Pay Deal 2017-2019

15 March 2018

TSSA members accept 2-year London United pay deal in referendum

TSSA members have voted overwhelmingly, by 91%,  to accept the final negotiated offer from London United buses after 8 months of difficult negotiations. This final offer represented a substantial improvement on the companies opening offer of 2.2%. The full details of the deal are as follows: 

1.    A single lump sum payment of £400.

2.    A 5% increase in pay from the 1st Saturday in March 2018

3.    An extension of regular overtime into annual leave payments for those individuals working overtime of 3 or more hours per week and where this level of overtime is worked during 9 or more weeks in a 12-week reference period. Effective from the new financial year (2 December 2017).

4.    The Company will commit to engage with the union around the outcome of the gender pay reporting process.

5.    An improvement to paid paternity leave with the provision of an additional day’s paid paternity leave.

6.    An increase in maternity pay from the current 90% to 100% of pay for the first 6 weeks of maternity leave.

7.    An additional 2 days leave for those people with less than 25 days annual leave, capped at 25 days.



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