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Maintenance 2012 Pay Rise - Have You Had Yours?

10 February 2012

Some of our members have not received this year’s full pay increase. We agreed a two year pay deal of 5.7% from 1 January 2012 (based on November 2011 RPI +0.5%) and November 2012 RPI +0.5% for 2013. Our members are entitled to a pay increase of 5.7% this year. We’re hearing reports that some of you have received a reduced pay increase, while others received a one off, non-pensionable lump sum and no increase to basic salary.

What should I do if I didn’t receive 5.7%?

Despite Network Rail stating that they intended to withhold some or all of the pay increase for members on role clarity contracts, we made it clear that we would not accept anything less than 5.7% for our members. Make sure you check your pay against last year’s. If you haven’t received the full increase, you need to take the following steps:

  • Contact your TSSA representative: You may be able to resolve the issue internally by raising an appeal through the company’s grievance procedure. You are entitled to representation and our reps will help to ensure that a consistent approach is applied and you get the support you need. If you don’t know who your rep is, call our members’ helpdesk for assistance.
  • Appeal through the Network Rail grievance procedure: You need to raise the matter formally in order to challenge the practice of withholding the full increase. This gives the company an opportunity to resolve the matter internally.
  • Let us know the outcome of your appeal: If you don’t achieve a resolution internally we may need to seek to address the issue externally, through Employment Tribunal or County Court. Before making that decision we will need to know the extent of the problem to deal with claims in the best way possible. If your appeal is successful we need to know about it. Email We may need further information from you before pursuing a claim, such as your contract of employment and correspondence with the company.

· Spread the word: Ask your colleagues if they have received the full pay increase and if they are TSSA members. If not, encourage them to join online at

Can You Help?

Consider whether you or a colleague would be interested in becoming a rep. We need more active members to help ensure everyone gets the pay and conditions they deserve. TSSA provides training and guidance for to help you give the best support for members and provides “taster courses” for members who want to learn more about roles with TSSA. Email for more information.

Further Information

You can find our previous circular on the maintenance pay talks here:

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