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Maintenance and Operations: Reps Win No Compulsory Redundancy Agreement

14 February 2013

As a result of large scale re-organisations which Network Rail are planning over the next few years your reps have negotiated a commitment to no compulsory redundancies within certain grades.

This commitment covers:

-      Maintenance Staff in bands 5-8 and equivalent (including Section Managers, Supervisors, Planning and Admin Staff, Technical Grades)

-      Operations Grades in bands 5-8 and equivalent affected by the National Operating Strategy (including supervisory and electrical control as well as any other affected grades)

No one in these grades should be forced to leave Network Rail under redundancy before 2 January 2014.

Alongside this the Unions have agreed to extend a voluntary severance (VS) scheme to the above groups of staff which allows people to leave with their full redundancy entitlement, a significant improvement from previous VS schemes.

Currently VS is not on the table for any other grades or bands.

What does it mean for my you?

This does not mean VS will be available for anyone in these grades to apply for.

Within Operations grades schemes will be proposed to area councils around specific closures of signal boxes. In maintenance there will be discussions at a national level to demonstrate whether there is a need to reduce headcount around particular re-organisations before any VS is offered. 

Acceptance of any application for VS is not automatic, it is at management's discretion, but criteria have been discussed with the Unions. 

If you would like further details please contact your local rep or the Members' Helpdesk.

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