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Maintenance Pay 2011: Where is our 5.2%?

19 January 2011

TSSA reps have been contacted by many members querying letters they have received about the 2011 pay rise for maintenance staff in bands 5-8 and equivalent.

It seems that Network Rail has decided to disregard the pay rise that had been agreed with your trade unions - which would give an increase on basic pay and allowances of 5.2%.

Already there is evidence of a huge range of percentages being awarded and even in some cases ex gratia payments instead of pay rises.

Amazingly in some cases NR have had the cheek to claim this has been agreed with the Trade Unions!

A letter of protest demanding an urgent meeting to resolve the matter has been sent to Network Rail. This is a clear attack on your rights to have your pay negotiated collectively.

If you did not receive a 5.2% increase in basic pay please fill out this short survey so your reps can understand the scale of the issue around the company -

Please circulate this message and survey to your collegues. This is an obvious attack on your terms and conditions so spread the word that the TSSA will be fighting back!

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