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Maintenance Pay Offer and Response

15 December 2011

Your area council reps representing members in maintenance bands 5-8 and equivalent met on Monday 13 December to consider this yearÂ’s pay offer. They took a unanimous decision to accept the offer of a two year deal of November RPI + 0.5% for 2012 and 2013.

Bully-Boy Tactics.

You can see our response in full here:  Acceptance Letter. While we accept the pay increase in principle, we will fight any attempt to divide and undermine the collective strength of our members by applying the full pay increase to staff on spot rates and withholding some or all of it for others on contracts with pay bands, namely Role Clarity, and those at the top of their band. All members should have the right to receive the full, consolidated increase. Pay band limits should increase in line with the increase to accommodate staff at the upper limit. The detailed offer is available here:  Detailed Maintenance Offer

Still Fighting For this Year’s Pay!

Due to a backlog of claims and shortage of tribunal judges, we are awaiting a tribunal date for claims on behalf of maintenance members who weren’t paid the negotiated increase this year. Our response to the offer ensures that we can follow the same process to fight for a negotiated increase for all in 2012 and 2013.

What Can You Do?

You should receive the pay increase in the first pay run of the New Year. Check your payslip carefully and contact your rep or the helpdesk as soon as possible if you have not been paid the full increase of 5.7% so that we can fight for your full increase. We’ll need to address the issue through the internal grievance procedure in the first instance. If this fails to resolve the matter then we will look to support claims to an Employment Tribunal. Claims must be submitted within three months of a detriment taking place.

Don’t forget to remind colleagues to join TSSA online to join the fight for fair pay:

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