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Maintenance Re-organisation Referendum (Supervisors/Admin/Technical Grades)

25 October 2010

After many long months of negotiation and consultation Network Rail have tabled a final position in respect of the Maintenance Re-organisation.

Back in March TSSA members in maintenance supervisory, admin and technical grades all voted to take industrial action over the Network Rail re-organisation proposals. This vote undoubtedly gained important concessions, although in some areas Network Rail have refused to move. Over the page is an outline of the major issues we had when we voted for industrial action and the outcome after consultation and negotiation.

All grades went into the dispute together and now you must make the decision on whether Network Rail has come far enough?

Clearly the specifics to consider for supervisors are around working in the new structure, and what impact that may have on your workload etc. Yes, they have included you in the monetary offer, but you have to consider this in the light of the new structure. You will also see from the chart overleaf that a number of concessions have been achieved for supervisors; the proposed changes to terms and conditions and the bargaining unit have been withdrawn.

For clerical and technical grades, let’s be honest and frank, this offer does not give you a great deal. We fought long and hard to have you included in the monetary element, after all you will also be working within the new structure, and will no doubt play an integral role in any performance targets etc, within your delivery units. Ultimately the majority of you voted against taking strike action (whilst you did vote for action short of) and no doubt this point was not lost when the company were in the final throws of negotiations!

It is now over to you. We balloted you all originally and you gave us your mandate, and whilst there is now a marked difference in the final offer on the table for differing grades your reps felt that you should all have your say on whether to accept the final offer.

Please consider the following outcomes and return your referendum paper (circulated to members) to reach us by first post on Thursday 4th November 2010.

Outcome of Negotiation/Consultation Processes

| Issue | Outcome |
| Job losses would endanger staff
and passenger safety and increase workload
across maintenance | Through consultation process over 300 jobs
have been added to the overall headcount.

However, the fundamental structure
proposed by NR remains and
your reps retain grave reservations about compromised
safety and excessive workload.

Ultimately over 1000 people felt
that the voluntary severance package was the
right choice for their circumstances.

Network Rail have made a commitment to
monitor working hours of supervisors, and discussions continue
on extending these to admin staff. |
| Unhappiness with proposed terms and
conditions for supervisors and
separate bargaining unit. | Proposals withdrawn by Network
Rail for the time being to be negotiated with unions at
national level if reintroduced. |
| Job security – we sought a no
compulsory redundancy agreement. | Network Rail commit not to make any
compulsory redundancies until 1 January 2012. |
| Financial package to reflect the Phase 2bc
changes to include admin and technical staff. | A £2000 one off payment offered to those
assimilated into supervisor grades. Nothing
offered to other grades despite
your reps arguments around their contribution
to productivity. |
| Members should not be disadvantaged
through the reorganisation because
of historic anomalies around terms and conditions. | Agreements have been reached around the
working supervisor roles in E&P
and the Box TOs which give equivalent protection
to these staff. |
| The full protections of the Red Book
PTR&R process must be applied. | Network Rail has agreed to this, although
some differences of interpretation remain. |

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