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Maintenance Update

30 March 2011

Your area reps met today to discuss a number of ongoing matters and how best to tackle them. We need your input to make sure we are campaigning on the issues that affect you.

Phase 2bc

As the re-organisation approaches the go live date of 1 April we are left with over 200 people in TSSA grades still displaced. Your union is fighting every day to secure jobs for these people, and you are a vital part of that effort.

Your reps believe many of these people may have been treated unfairly under the placement process (PTR&R). If you are displaced you need to consider:
- Were you passed over for a job in your own grade in favour of others being promoted?
- Were you told you were “not suitable” or “less suitable” for a job in your own grade, or even for your own job!
- Have you failed to get a sensible answer about why you haven’t been placed in a job?
- Have you put in a grievance that seems to be going nowhere?

If any of these apply to you then you must make sure you have a grievance in and that your area rep is aware. If you do not know who your area rep is then contact the Members’ Helpdesk.


Your reps discussed today that Network Rail were offering to “buy out” individual member’s Personal Daily Travel Allowance – the money that on many contracts you get paid if your job is moved to another location.

Please think very carefully if you are offered a lump sum in these circumstances. It is bound to be less money than you could potentially get under your contractual terms and will certainly leave you out of pocket if you are still travelling in a few years time. If you are in any doubt then speak to your local rep.

Workloads and Stress

For some time now members have been raising their concerns about increasing workloads and the resulting stress, particularly in Administrative and Supervisory grades. After pressing the company for many months we now have the opportunity to discuss the issue and look for solutions.

Your reps discussed the matter today and agreed the main problems are:
- Excessive job cuts with no proper assessment of the remaining work, leading to long hours, lack of cover and increased sickness absence.
- Increasing paperwork and bureaucracy, with single bits of information often being recorded in several places.
- Excessive monitoring of decision making, meaning less time doing the job and more time justifying what you are doing.
- Network Rail taking advantage of those on role clarity contracts, putting them under pressure to do more and more hours with no extra pay.

We will need more examples and evidence of how this affects our members in practice. Your area reps are gathering information so please speak to them if you are affected – give them facts that we can use!

Maintenance Pay Deal 2011 – Role Clarity

As discussed in a previous circular, this year Network Rail have failed to abide by the collectively agreed pay rise. In previous years, and as the contract states, those on role clarity have got the pay rise negotiated by your union if they got a rating of “good” or above.
Despite making these points quite clear to the company they seem determined to ignore the matter. This can only be because they wish to undermine the pay negotiation process.

We are seeking to progress this through legal claims, in the expectation that this will either deliver the money our members are owed, or force NR to see sense and talk to your reps sensibly about the pay.
If you are one of those who did not get the agreed 5.2% this year
then we need your information:
- Name
- Home Address
- Membership Number
- Workplace

Speak to your area rep who will be collecting details or send your info direct to by 11 April. We will keep you updated on the claim.

Finally, next week is TSSA National Joining Week. Your reps rely on the strength of the members to campaign on all the issues above. With all that is going on why not speak to a colleague who is a non-union member about the work your reps do on behalf of everyone and encourage them to join – download or send them this membership form!

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