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Management and HQ Clerical Pay Claim

9 December 2010

Thanks to all of you who responded to our referendum ballot on the pay claim. I can’t stress how important it is to take part and tell us what your opinions are on such important issues such as your pay. TSSA is a member led Union and without your participation we cannot get a clear steer on the issues of the day.

Current position

As you know the Ballot closed on 7 December and we have a process where postal ballots are sent to our freepost address in London and are then posted to the Bristol office for us to count. It seems that some ballot papers whilst received in London the week before the ballot closed are still waiting to be received by the Bristol office. This is probably due to the weather conditions of the last few weeks and the large amount of snowfall that has been seen across the UK. Of those ballots received the vote was very close and near the 50% mark for both those in favour and those not in favour of the pay offer.

This is an unusual position, as normally in situations where the Representatives recommend acceptance the majority of members will vote the same way. However members have been clear in telling us that the reason that they are unhappy about the amount offered to Managers & HQ Clerical staff is due to the vast difference in terms of the offer to other grade groups.

Indeed some representatives have been approached and told that members who voted yes would have voted differently if the ballot had opened after they were aware that Drivers had been offered over 8% in the first year and either RPI or 4% in Year 2.

Did anything else change during the Ballot period?

Yes, as a result of other grade groups having the basic pay award for year 1 increased from 3.6% to 3.7%, the company have already conceded that it would offer this same increase to management & HQ Clerical grades. As a result the offer for year 1 is now 4.3%, up from 4.2%.

We also took onboard concerns from some members involved in Special events days where due to the change in the way the events would be planned in future they would actually see their payments decreasing. As a result the company have conceded to pay these individuals £150 per event. To be clear these were the Head of stair positions and Some Driver/Conductor Managers who would fall under the Event support team role.

What Next?

Clearly as a member led Union we need to be taking on the concerns of our members and whilst it is obvious that some members were happy with the offer we have no clear mandate to accept the offer. I realise that some of you wanted to be paid the backdated payment before Christmas but this will not now happen.

I am now due to meet with the Company Council representatives on 14 December followed by a meeting with the company. We will make a decision at this meeting as to how we progress the situation.

What can I do?

Clearly any input that you can give to the representatives on how we proceed would be greatly appreciated and I would encourage members to speak to their TSSA representatives and let them know what you think.

We need to ensure that whatever response is given is reflective of our members opinions. One option may be to re-ballot members and if this is the case then I would strongly encourage you all to take part and encourage fellow union members to do the same. I will update you with another circular after the meeting next week.

If you are aware of colleagues that are non-members and are interested in this issue then please encourage them to join TSSA so that they have a voice in what we do in the future. They can join by printing off a membership form

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