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Management Pay Negotiations – Round One

5 May 2011

Your reps met with Network Rail this morning to present this year's pay claim.

Your reps met with Network Rail this morning to present this year's pay claim. As you know, this is based on the findings of our ongoing management pay survey, completed by 1300 managers and counting, and to initiate the first stage of negotiations.

Headline Offer: A Derisory 2.3%!

The company side stated that they intend to fix this year’s salary budget at 2.3%. This figure is less than half of both RPI and offers made to non-managers, the two figures deemed acceptable by our members. Not even close! No offers were made relating to our other demands.

Justifying the Unjustifiable

When pressed to offer justification for this derisory offer compared to the offers made to staff in bands 5-8, the company side felt it acceptable to roll out the tired old argument that 2.3% is equal to the general movement in the wider market. With the statement “It doesn’t pay the gas bill… but we are where we are” it seemed clear that the company could barely care less whether managers’ pay rates are maintained in line with inflation or with 5-8 pay!

A Derisory Figure Distributed by a Failed System

Despite demonstrating time and again the extent to which the current performance related pay system fails to reward actual performance in any meaningful way, NR refused to review the relationship between individual performance and pay! This means that if the offer is accepted, there is absolutely no assurance around the salary that you can expect to receive.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It is up to you, our members, to demonstrate that the company’s attitude to managers will not be tolerated. A further meeting is scheduled for 24 May. In the meantime we need our members and reps in the workplace to plan our next steps. We need you to meet with your reps, or decide who to nominate to step up as your local rep if you don’t already have one. Alternatively, you can help by becoming a campaign contact for our “Fair Pay” campaign by emailing


Open the document below (by clicking on it) to read our formal offer.

  Network Rail bands 1 - 4 pay offer 240511

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