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Management Reorganisation

17 May 2018

The company agreed to meet with the reps and I on 2 May 2018 and provided us with an opportunity to clear the air and clarify our outstanding issues. However, there were a few issues which we were unable to reach agreement on, including the People Process and the Control relocation.

A transparent and fair ‘People Process’

We were surprised and concerned that the company didn’t present TSSA reps with a proposed ‘People Process’ at the outset of the consultation. Such a ‘People Process’ ensures that staff can be confident that they are subject to a transparent and fair process during the reorganisation.

The company initially indicated that they would discuss and agree such a ‘People Process, and that they would be happy to involve TSSA and its reps in crucial phases of the process such as the job preference exercise.

However, the company then changed its position, and subsequently has refused to work collaboratively with TSSA and its reps, and a ‘People Process’ has not been agreed.

TSSA believes that by not engaging with the union to agree a ‘People Process’, the company is in breach of their collective consultation duties. To that end TSSA has written to the company and set out in some detail where the union believes the company has failed to comply with its obligations. A copy of the letter can be found by clicking here   Letter re PP

A response to this letter has been received from the HR Director which states that “the consultation process that has been adopted is appropriate and I believe proportionate given the nature of the exercise.”

This high-handed assertion is insulting and is indicative of the view that the company has of its staff and their trade unions – they are merely a barrier to be overcome in order to drive through the changes they want to achieve.

Head Office relocation

TSSA is aware that the Head Office relocation is now complete, but that there are a few outstanding issues to be addressed. TSSA rep Richard Sutcliffe is monitoring the situation carefully and members are asked to raise any issues they have identified with him so that he can seek to resolve them.

Control relocation to Tyseley

It is clear that the relocation of Control to Tyseley has caused considerable problems for TSSA members now employed there. During the consultation process the TSSA reps have sought to ensure that increases in either travel costs or travel to work time are properly compensated for by the company. Despite the company’s offer to apply the British Rail Red Book PTR & R arrangements to these staff, it seems that what has been offered so far falls a long way short of being acceptable.

Affected TSSA members have therefore been advised to submit individual grievances to protect their interests. TSSA will also continue to press the company for an acceptable outcome, and the company should be clear that the union will consider balloting members for industrial action if that is not forthcoming.

Next steps

The union understands and appreciates how difficult things are for members at present, and we will continue to do all we can to ensure that you are treated fairly, consistently and with respect. We will continue to update you on developments.

TSSA entered the discussions on reorganisation with the new employer hoping that we could forge a constructive and collaborative relationship between the union and the company that would benefit both the staff and West Midlands Trains. However, WMT has set its face against such an approach. If it’s confrontation that the company is seeking, TSSA will not flinch from meeting that challenge – the union is clear that our members have had enough!

You most probably have lots of questions some of which won’t be addressed in this communication, so I urge you to continue raising questions with your TSSA Management Council reps who are on hand to assist in any way that they can:

Teresa Woodward 07771 740 401

Steve Hewitt 07771 831 024

Colin Mytton 07717 880 212

Dave Harris 07771 827 497

Richard Sutcliffe 07815 952 705

Rob Mullett 07891 570 179

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