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Managers working hours: now First Great Western want to talk!

27 January 2015

FGW contacts TSSA within an hour of the union sending out yesterday's message about running its own survey!

Within an hour of you receiving our message yesterday, First Great Western were stung into actionandsuddenly wanted to talk to the unionabout the so-called joint survey conducted last year.

So they are now sharing the results?! They are still refusing to release the data to TSSA (bear in mind this was supposedly a joint survey). They seem to want to carefully control and filter what they choose to share with yourTSSAreps. This merely adds to the suspicion that they have something to hide! However, it is a step forward that they want to meet next week to discuss the survey.

So should we continueto complete the newTSSA survey?

Yes! If FGW won't share the data from last year's survey, it is still the case that the only way your reps can find out what the real situation is like is for as many managers as possible to complete the TSSA survey. Don't delay - we need you to do this by Tuesday ofnext week, to inform discussions with the company.

Because large numbers of managers have already taken part in the survey, a number of issuesregarding workload and working hoursare already clearlyapparent. The more managers that take part, the more we can be sure about the extent of the problems and issues, and the company will find it harder to dismiss our findings as unrepresentative.

To take part in this survey go to:

What elsecan I do?

Don’t delay – take part in the survey today! Or failing that, make sure you do so by noon on Wednesday 4 February.

Do all you can to ensure that as many manager colleagues as possible complete the survey – regardless of whether or not they are TSSA members!

Keep yourself and colleagues up to date with current issues by circulating TSSA communications, and printing them and displaying on noticeboards. Check out the twitter account @TSSAunion and the Facebook page

Talk to your colleagues about the importance of being a member of TSSA if they are not not already - they can join at

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