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Manuel Cortes calls ScotRails breach of its Franchise Agreement the last nail in the coffin for Abellio

25 September 2018

Manuel Cortes today (Tuesday) responded to news that ScotRail is in breach of its franchise agreement saying, “Surely this has to be the last nail in the coffin for Abellio.

“On their watch we have seen their punctuality fall to its lowest since 2005, whilst the reliability of their trains is at a twenty-year record low. Scottish commuters simply can’t rely on the trains to get them to work on time.

“It’s no surprise to learn that Abellio are now in breach of their franchise agreement. The only real surprise is that Michael Matheson thinks Abellio should be allowed to continue to operate Scotland’s railways.

“Enough is enough. Matheson needs to operate the break clause now and bring ScotRail back into public ownership. That is the only way Scottish passengers can get the railway they deserve.”

Notes to Editors
• PPM MAA for Reporting Period 6 is 88%
• Period target – 92.18%
• Period breach level – 88.18%

Franchise text on breach level performance:
It shall be a contravention by the Franchisee of the terms of this Agreement if its performance falls below (that is, is neither equal to nor worse than) any Breach Performance Level for the PPM Benchmarks in any Reporting Period.


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