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Manuel Cortes comments on the EU referendum announcement

20 February 2016

On the day the EU referedum is announced, Manuel Corets, TSSA General Secretary says we should put working people first

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:.

"TSSA has a long standing position in favour of Britain remaining within the EU. We understand it's far from perfect but staying within it is currently in the best interests of our members. Sadly, voting to leave will not a bring us closer to a socialist nirvana because until at least 2020, we will have a Conservative government all set to continue clobbering the employment rights our members have gained through EU membership.

"Cameron is leading the media into a frenzied dance to a tune called by the hard-right in the Tory Party and it's UKIP sister and Jeremy Corbyn is right to point out this so-called "deal" does nothing to promote secure jobs, protect British steel or stop the spread of low pay and the undercutting of wages.

"Our union favours a very different kind of EU to the one Cameron wants. We want to see greater democracy and policies which put working people first."


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