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Manuel Cortes condemns union-busting tactics at Barrhead Travel

19 September 2018

Manuel Cortes today (Wednesday) condemned Barrhead Travel for union-busting tactics after TSSA Officers were thrown out of two of the Scottish travel agency’s stores while carrying out recruitment visits.

Manuel, leader of the TSSA union said, “Two of our officers were visiting travel agencies across Glasgow today as part of our regular recruitment activities. They were welcomed in Thomas Cook and Tui where management recognise the value to the company of positive industrial relations. But at the Barrhead Travel shops in St Enoch shopping centre and St Oswald Street they were told to leave!

“In both cases there were no customers, no disruption to business involved in letting staff find out about our TSSA union. But as soon as our officers began to talk to staff about the benefits of union membership managers told them to leave.

“This is union-busting behaviour, plain and simple. It’s got no place in modern Scottish workplaces.”

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