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Manuel Cortes lambasts "Scrooge-like" Abellio ScotRail

7 February 2018

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes lambasts Abellio ScotRail after bosses broke their promise to workers that they would receive a £100 payout each if the company returned to profit.

The company made a million pounds in profit last year, but bosses now say that's not enough and are refusing to handout the bones payment they promised. 

Said Cortes, "It's just another kick in the teeth for ScotRail's beleaguered workforce who pulled out all the stops to turn Abellio's bad management round and help the company rebalance its books. But still the bad management continues as this Scrooge like refusal to hand over a small reward for a lot of hard work on the part of the staff shows.

"We will be consulting with our reps to see how they want to proceed in the meantime, I'll ask Transport Secretary Humza Yousaf to make Abellio pay up. He should also censure them for again breaking his government's own code of good industrial practice."

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