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Manuel Cortes Letter to Greater Anglia on Cuts

19 March 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has written (15th March) to Greater Anglia Chief Executive, Jamie Burles, regarding 'grave concerns' about proposed cuts.

Dear Jamie

RE: Cuts to Safety and Security-reduction to Landsheriffs & cuts in products on sale from booking offices

It is with grave concerns that the TSSA has discovered about cuts to both of the above. These cuts have a double detriment to both staff and to customers and do not give out a positive message of Greater Anglia’s management of the franchise.

As a matter of some urgency I would like to seek an early meeting to discuss the future of the business and the impact that it will have on your staff, my union members.

Yours sincerely

Manuel Cortes

General Secretary


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