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Manuel Cortes says Humza Yousaf should appoint himself executive overlord of BTP

19 September 2018

Manuel Cortes today welcomed news that Humza Yousaf says legislation to merge British Transport Police with Police Scotland might never be enacted but said he should now stop wasting time.

Humza Yousaf told MSPs on Tuesday that he is looking at alternatives to full integration, and that he believes “interim arrangements” might become permanent.

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes says, “I know he’s trying to look conciliatory but frankly after the SNP has wasted £700K on consultants in this unwanted merger, he should stop wasting everyone’s time and appoint himself executive overlord BTP, Scotland.

He can continue to fiddle with the details, but it was always this simple fix – to make BTP accountable to Holyrood via the Justice Minister, nothing more, nothing less. Instead, we’ve had two years of endless committee meetings and consultants getting rich on taxpayers’ money. Meanwhile our hard working members and BTP Police Officers have had two years of worry and uncertainty, with their careers, pensions and employment status all potentially at risk in the proposed merger.”

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