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Manuel Cortes says "Monster of Transport" must answer to Parliamentary Select Committee

22 October 2018

Commenting ahead of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling appearance before the Transport Select Committee this afternoon, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said,

"Ignore all the bluster coming out of the office of the Monster - that's not a slip of the tongue - of Transport today. Grayling is having his backside hauled before the Transport Select Committee in Parliament this afternoon because he has been avoiding answering for let alone dealing with the serious collapse of our rail industry on his watch.

"And rail passengers Britain over, sitting every day in their old, overcrowded, over-delayed carriages know he's talking through that backside when he claims all is well with rail. And not content with his reign of rail gridlock, he's now planning to turn the M25 into a lorry park to deal with Brexit gridlock as trucks queue to get in and out of our ports.

"This is no way to run a country. In fact the Tories probably can't agree on how to run a bath these days. Their time is up. May should resign and make way for Corbyn at a general election."

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