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March 2016 EC summary

23 March 2016

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the meeting of TSSA's Executive Committee held on 3 and 4 March 2016

Apologies were received from Steve Andrews, who was on leave

Industrial relations

The General Secretary was authorised by the EC to ballot members and to call industrial action on the following disputes:

TSSA is in dispute with Abellio Scotrail / Network Rail over plans to merge control and delay attribution functions.

In London Underground, Service Control members remain in dispute over unresolved issues regarding Night Tube and the imposition of new working practices.

On London Midland, it has been indicated that management intend to remove the differential mechanism by which Driver Managers are always paid more than Drivers.

Separately, there is a dispute on Virgin Trains East Coast on the application of the Sick Pay Policy, particularly for those members who become terminally ill.

TSSA Democracy

It was confirmed that Mike Wood (London North West) and Stephen Lawrence (Scotland) had been re-elected to their respective EC seats. However, the election scrutineers expressed concerns that they were elected unopposed and with a small number of branch nominations. It was suggested that it may be useful to organise roadshows and other events to encourage greater member participation in TSSA democracy. This would be raised at the next Communications Working Party.

The EC agreed that, given the paucity of responses to its consultation of branches following last Annual Delegates Conference, there was no conclusion that could be drawn other than that the current structure and duration of Conference was not an issue with the majority of branches. It was agreed that there would be no amendments proposed to the duration or structure of Conference.

The Executive Committee considered correspondence from Disability Working Group regarding Motion 58, which was passed at Annual Delegates Conference in 2015. The motion called for all TSSA meetings to be accessible to all members, including Conference. There had been issues reported at last Conference with regard to accessibility for all delegates. It was agreed that the President and General Secretary should meet with representatives with Disability Working Group and that steps will be made to ensure full accessibility of the Conference venue.

It was also agreed that a sum of £2,000 be given to Disability Working Group to assist them in organising their mini-conference at Eastbourne on the morning of Saturday 7th May.

Further to a suggestion from London South West & General branch regarding webcasting Annual Delegates Conference, it was agreed that the matter should be referred to the Communications Working Party for further consideration.

The EC approved a request made by Future TSSA to enhance TSSA’s presence at the Tolpuddle Martyr’s Festival in July 2016. A proposal submitted by Future TSSA included improved gazebo, table dressing and flags. The sourcing of a banner for use at the march on the Sunday afternoon of the festival was to be further considered once costs had been evaluated.

Organising and Membership

The EC agreed to engage with our Self Organised Groups (SOGs) in order to gauge activity in each of them. Additionally, following correspondence from Women in Focus, it was agreed that all female members should be automatically assigned to WiF.

The Executive Committee agreed to send guidelines on Branch and Divisional Council effectiveness to each Divisional Council and branch in the union, pursuant to Motion 59 passed at 2015 Conference.

It was agreed that Network Rail West Midland branch (730) be renamed Network Rail Midland branch, and that Brighton branch (160) be renamed Sussex branch.


The EC also approved donations to the following:

• £431 for affiliation to Liberty (see in Political)
• Donation of £50 for STUC ‘Unions into Schools’ fringe event at STUC Annual Congress
• £2,000 to Disability Working Group (see above)


The Executive Committee was contacted by Liberty inviting TSSA to affiliate. The cost of the affiliation would be £431 per annum. It was agreed that TSSA would affiliate to Liberty, however given that affiliations would normally be determined at Conference, the EC would write to branches to inform them of this decision, which has being taken in light of a number of measures taken by the Tory government which erode our civil liberties, including the Trade Union Bill.

The Executive Committee agreed to send one paid member of staff and to consult Women in Focus to find possible additional attendees for Abortion Rights' public meeting to take place at Unite head office in Holborn, London. Kerry Abel of TSSA is Chair of Abortion Rights, the National Pro-Choice Campaign.

Gerry Kennedy (EC member for Ireland) plus two female reps will be sent to the European Transport Workers’ Federation Women’s Conference taking place on 12th and 13th April in Bucharest, Romania, at a cost to the association of approximately £1,000.

This is a brief summary. For further details, please contact your Executive Committee member.

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