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March for the alternative: Letter from Doug Blundell

9 March 2011

Do one thing that will help make a difference to you, your family and your friends.

On the 26th March 2011 the TUC is organising a “March for the Alternative” in London that will end in a rally in Hyde Park to protest against the Government’s spending cuts, something we have already experienced on London Underground recently, with more job losses likely to come!

Why are TSSA marching?

Government spending cuts will damage public services and put more than a million out of work. They will hit the vulnerable, damage communities and undermine much of what holds us together as a society.

We want to give a national voice to all those affected by the cuts.
We want to show that people reject the argument that there is no alternative.

You, your family and your friends did not contribute to the national deficit, but are expected to pay for it with the loss of jobs, pensions, pay and terms and conditions.

What can YOU as a TSSA member do to help?

Its simple, just get one extra TSSA member to sign up to this march!
All I ask you to do is to speak to a TSSA member in your workplace and explain to them the need to take part in this event. Make them understand that they are and will be experiencing these cuts.

They will know someone who will be directly affected by these cuts and ask them to bring their family and friends to join us.

TSSA says there are alternatives and we as TSSA members need to show this coalition Government there is an alternative by joining the “March for the Alternative” on the 26th March and show support together that we will not accept these savage cuts.

Please forward any TSSA members, family and friends names and e-mail addresses to me at] and I will ensure that they will be registered and hopefully they will be able join us all for the social event after the march.

Thank you.

Doug Blundell

TSSA London Transport Executive Committee Member

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