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Notification of Industrial Action Ballot

30 April 2013

At a meeting held today 30/04/2013 the company issued a letter informing the unions that the company had decided to implement the Labour Court recommendations effective 12/05/2013

Our understanding of the meeting today was to discuss the Labour Courts recommendations and to find a way of moving forward after the meeting of 10/04/2013, at which the company gave an undertaking to bring to the company board the reservations’ the union had expressed regarding the Labour court recommendations.

TSSA along with the other unions attended today’s meeting to negotiate a way forward. What took place was a sham and a mockery of the tradition and good practice employed by the company and respected by all unions over the past 30 years. No negotiations took place, the company read out the letter (attached) and the meeting concluded.

The company have today shown that they are not willing nor were they ever willing to negotiate in good faith. At the meeting of 10/04/2013, the unions gave an undertaking to try and move forward and all unions today were of the same opinion that movement was possible and agreement may have been achieved.

It beggars belief that the company would release up to 20 employees representatives to attend this meeting, just to hand the full time officials a letter, it is also mystifying that the company met with all unions on the 10th of this month to discuss the make-up and numbers, and those that were to participate in today’s meeting.

The bottom line is we believe the company have been instructed by the Minister and his cronies to use Bus Eireann as a Croke Park 2 Trojan Horse. If you look at the tactics of the company to date and compare them with the Government tactics used against the public service unions, it is identical up to today’s disaster, remember the chairman’s letter mid the last ballot and the statement from the government during the ballot of the public service unions? All the same tactics used to bully and intimidate.

TSSA are now giving all members notice of a ballot for industrial action up to and including strike action.

We need to make a stand now!

If we do not make a stand now the company will continue to come after your terms and conditions. Remember this is only the first visit to the well planned by the company, another is planned in mid-August even if we agreed to these cuts, can you afford another visit to your pocket in August?

This ballot will be a postal ballot, with the ballot going out this Thursday 02/05/2013, with a final return date by post 16/05/2013. The results of the ballot will be announced to members 16/05/2013, the company will be informed 16/05/2013 of the ballot result.

TSSA have to follow time limits and time notifications per labour legislation regarding notification of Industrial Action to the company. If the company go ahead with their planned implementation of the Labour Court recommendation on the 12th of May, TSSA are directing all members to report to their place of employment and work their present and current hours. If instructed to change your present terms and conditions of employment TSSA are requesting members to inform their supervisor/Line manager that TSSA are in dispute and to refuse to carry out any new conditions or terms of employment. If disciplinary action is threatened TSSA will deal with this in the traditional practice.




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