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Mayor axes all 268 ticket offices - almost 1,000 jobs to go

21 November 2013

The London Mayor has unveiled plans to axe all Tube ticket offices and almost 1,000 jobs, the TSSA announced today after talks with LU bosses.

Manuel Cortes, union general secretary, accused Boris Johnson of being the "hypocrite of the decade" after LU bosses confirmed the closure of all 268 tube ticket offices by the end of next year.
"It beggars belief that the Mayor was elected in 2008 on a pledge to keep open every ticket office is now planning to close every single one, with all that means for safety and jobs.
"We shall be launching a joint campaign with Labour to reverse this decision and we urge all Londoners to back this campaign to prevent Boris's Long March to the leadership of the Tory Party on the back of his lasting legacy to Londoners; a second class tube network.
"He will leave behind the most expensive tube in the world and one of the most badly suprvised with mobile station supervisors replacing permanent supervisors."
The union will launch a web based campaign next week urging Londoners to write and contact their GLA members and MPs to oppose the Mayor tearing up his 2008 manifesto pledge.

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