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Mayor of London joins TSSA for first ever trade union fair at Transport for London (TfL)

16 July 2018

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will throw his weight behind the unionisation of all of his London transport staff joining TSSA transport union’s first trade union fair tomorrow (Tues 17 July).

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander will also join Sadiq at TfL’s Palestra Office in Southwark to encourage take up of TSSA membership amongst TfL’s huge team of support staff.

TSSA’s General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said,

“It’s great to see Sadiq showing this level of personal commitment to supporting our TSSA union. After years of union bashing under Boris Johnson's Tory regime inequality has soared in London’s transport sector. So it is good to see our Labour Mayor reminding people that unions are a force for good and our workplaces, indeed our whole society, are safer and more equal where union membership thrives.

“TSSA is the largest union in TfL. We have by far the most members and are the only union recognised in every TfL Directorate, and the sole union recognised to represent Senior Managers.

“The Tory government’s £750 million cut to London’s transport budget is really beginning to bite and Sadiq has pledged to help us campaign against them. Like us he is concerned about the impact the cuts the Tories have foisted upon the capitals’ transport budget are having on both staff job losses, staff morale and of course on passengers safety.”

Sadiq’s visit tomorrow follows up his May Day greeting to staff this year in which he praised the benefits of trade union membership and encouraged all of his staff at TfL to join a union.

Said Sadiq Khan,
“The union movement has helped to get a better deal for employees in ways that affect us all. From annual leave entitlements, to lifting restrictions on parental leave and tackling discrimination in the workplace – trade unions have been at the forefront of the push for greater fairness at work for generations. The GLA family has a proud history of working closely with the trade unions that represent our staff. I encourage you to find out more about the unions in your workplace.”

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