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Mayor plays Pinocchio again - this time over Night Tube

23 January 2015

Boris Johnson was accused today of "deliberately misleading" Londoners over the true cost of his flagship Night Tube service starting in September.

The Mayor was embroiled in a new row after the TSSA published official LU minutes which confirmed that the new service will lose £19.6 million in its first year and not break even until 2033.

LU officials had denied these figures as "completely incorrect" when the union published them last month. They and the Mayor have always claimed that the service will be "self financing" from the start.

Today they were accused of "massaging and manipulating" the figures "to save Boris's political face".

"These figures have now been doctored to save Boris's political face," said Manuel Cortes, union general secretary.

"He wants everyone to think everything in the garden is rosy before he disappears back to the House of Commons in May.

"In truth, he will leave Londoners with a massive financial headache and year-on-year ‘inflation plus’ tube fare rises to make the Night Tube break even in 18 years time."

"He should now come clean and level with Londoners about how much this vanity project will really cost.

"This is right up there with his most outrageous claims, like how he would keep open every Tube ticket office. Every single one is now due close.

"He would give Pinocchio a run for his money, given the porkies he has now told over the Night Tube and its knock on effect on duplicate Night Buses."


Editor's Note: On December 17, LU described a union report on the loss making Night Tube as "completely incorrect". LU minutes published today confirmed the rail unions were told on November 27 that the service would lose £19.6 million in its first full year and would not break even until 2033.


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