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Meaningless Fig Leaf Brexit Talks Must End - Cortes

15 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary - Manuel Cortes - has called on Labour to end Brexit talks with the Government after Theresa May signalled at Prime Minister's Questions that she will never give in to Jeremy Corbyn's demands on a Customs Union.

 Manuel Cortes said: “We are just over a week away from the European elections and it's now crystal clear that Theresa May has neither the authority nor desire to reach a Brexit deal with our Labour Party.

“As a good friend of our Party's leadership, I urge them to please pull the plug on these meaningless talks.

“May and her Tory cohorts have made it very clear they’ll never sign-up to our most basic and essential demand – a comprehensive and permanent Customs Union protecting the jobs of our people and preventing a hard border with Ireland; never mind alignment with the Single Market.

“I fear we are paying a heavy price on the doorstep for talks which the Government has used as a fig leaf for their Brexit failings. If May had any decency she would call an immediate general election.

“It's time to bury this charade and fully concentrate on defeating Farage and his divisive, xenophobic ramblings. We can do that with our message of socialist hope in Britain and across our continent.

“Only Labour can stop the far-right from winning in our country on May 23rd.

“As a Brexit deal with the Tories won't happen, Labour should have a clear message for the last days of the European election campaign - our Party will fight tooth and nail for any Tory deal to be put to a confirmatory vote.”

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