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Meeting with company - 7 June 2011

10 June 2011

A meeting consisting of all Unions within the TransLink group was held in Belfast 7 June 2011. This meeting was arranged on the foot of a letter of reply from Ms. Catherine Mason Group Chief Executive, dated 4 May 2011, to TSSA, and the other Unions.

TSSA had requested in a letter dated 18 April 2011 to the Chief Executive to clarify the status of TSSA members employed by the company, following a letter from DRD (Department of Regional Development) to the company regarding pay negotiations.

During the meeting the company stated their position in relation to this matter, a round of Q&A followed from all Unions seeking clarity on this matter.

All Unions agreed that the company must state their formal position in writing. All Unions agreed that a request for an urgent meeting with Minister Danny Kennedy would also be pursued, so this matter can be settled.

With the uncertainly caused by the DRD letter/directive, it would be irresponsible of any Union to proceed to enter into negotiations with a company (who legally, may not be viewed, as the employer).

This is the first time in history that this question of (status) has being brought into the wage negotiation process, for the sake of clarity and transparency, this question must be answered, the ramifications of not clearly settling this matter could cause industrial chaos in relation to employee status in the coming years.

The Unions and the company will meet 21 June 2011, to discuss the company's "formal position". The company agreed to set out their formal position in writing to all the Unions this week.

The company will also meet with DRD officials this week to express the concern of all Unions involved in this matter.

TSSA will keep all members updated on developments.

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