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Meeting with Translink ref: Northwest line upgrade

2 February 2012

A meeting was held in Belfast 1/02/2012 with your union reps in attendance regarding the proposed restructuring of the Northwest area. It was pointed out to the company that any proposals regarding the Northwest must recognise that temporary nature of the line upgrade.

Your union, along with your reps, went to great lengths discussing the issues impacting staff in Coleraine, Ballymena and Derry/Londonderry was also discussed at length.

It was also pointed out that the upcoming events for the City of Culture in Derry would be negatively impacted by any attempt to reduce staffing levels on a permanent basis. This would be damaging for the long-term reputation of Translink and created unrealistic workloads for staff along the Northwest route. It was also pointed out that a significant number of other events are planned to coincide with the City of Culture event that will add to the workloads of staff on the line.

The company has undertaken to write to the union setting out their latest proposals. Until such time as these proposals are received by the union, no decision or ballot on the recent pay proposals from the company can go forward, as the above proposals regarding the Northwest from the company could have a detrimental effect on all grades going forward.

TSSA will be in contact with local community leaders and political leaders regarding this matter as any permanent downgrade of staffing levels would have a detrimental impact on the local community. TSSA have already contacted the City of Culture organising committee and plan to meet with this committee shortly ,as their initial reaction is of concern.

It is the view of TSSA that there is no justification for any job losses because of temporary line upgrades. The actions of a reasonable employer would and should not including taking the opportunity of a temporary line upgrade to attack workers' job security. Job security is of the utmost importance in the current economic climate.

If the latest Translink proposals fall short of the actions of a reasonable employer then we will have to re-examine our options going forward.


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