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Members Update

10 December 2010

A lot has been happening in Amey over this past year, especially over recent months so I’ve decided to give a general update to members on some of the issues ongoing within the Amey rail population of members.


Earlier in the year the company made it clear that they would not enter into further negotiations on pay until we had come to an agreement in terms of the Railway Pensions. As a result we met with the company on 22 November and are due to meet again on 14 or 15 December to discuss this further. At our last meeting the company appeared to be testing the waters around entering new elements into any pay agreement. TSSA’s doesn’t feel it would be right or proper to start adding new ‘strings’ into the agreement after you have waited patiently to get a resolution to the situation. Our desire is to seek an increase on the offer of 1% offered earlier in the year and for this to be a no strings offer. We are also seeking to get a 2% pay award backdated to 2009 for those x-Atkins staff who transferred into Amey as a result of the CEFA contract and didn’t receive a pay rise in that year. I will send out a further update after this meeting.

Railway Pensions

TSSA ran a referendum ballot on the companies Pensions proposals to cap pensionable pay at RPI+1%. Of those members that voted 78% voted to accept the offer whilst 22% voted to reject them. We haven’t updated you on this situation until now as the original agreement that Amey asked us to sign stated that the pensions cap would apply to “increases granted after 31 December 2010”. This left too much uncertainty given the fact we are still in negotiations with them around Pay. Following TSSA suggesting amendments to the wording Amey have sent us back a revised agreement that ensures that the cap only applies to “pay increases related to pay anniversary dates or promotions after 31 December 2010”. We are now in a position to sign the agreement.

We do have concerns that members covered by collective bargaining received letters intended for those outside of collective bargaining asking them to individually agree to the cap. If you consider you are covered by collective bargaining but received this letter then please email HR advising them that you have received this letter and wish to state on record that you are covered by collective bargaining and copy us in at]

Defined Contribution Pensions

We have raised many questions on your behalf around these proposals, as a result of this the company has produced a Question and answer document which we have been given sight of and should answer the majority of questions. We have raised concerns around the Governance committee that will oversee the scheme as we feel that there should be union representation on this committee. We have also raised concerns around those staff not currently participating in any occupational pension scheme and the lack of information on whether they are still eligible to join the Amey Saver scheme at present. This is especially important as the company told us on 29 November 2010 that new entrants to Amey are subject to different contribution rates as from 1 November 2010. Please ensure if you have any concerns or queries to raise these with the company before 31 December 2010.

Amey Inter Urban Redundancies

During the collective consultations we have got to a stage where many of those positions at risk of redundancy have received enough Voluntary redundancy applications or have individuals within them who have applied for other jobs. There are however a small groups of jobs that are still at risk and we are doing everything possible to seek alternatives for the individuals effected. TSSA want to ensure that there are no compulsory redundancies for the individuals effected and that is what we will be seeking to achieve.

Christmas Payments

The company produced some proposals around Christmas payments to us at the Company council meeting on 22 November. These proposals sought to prevent those on Personal contracts or outside of collective bargaining to receive the payments. TSSA has advised the company that on this basis we cannot agree to the payments. The issue for us is that Network rail pay Amey for the additional payments over the festive period so why restrict those outside of collective bargaining?

Collective Bargaining

Time and time again those outside of collective bargaining are treated less favourably than those within. TSSA believe that all our members should be covered by the collective bargaining and receive the same benefits. We strongly encourage you to get your colleagues to join TSSA so we can stand together to ensure your voice is not only heard by Amey but listened too!


We currently have vacancies for representatives in both Amey Consulting and Amey Interurban. One in CEFA North on the Company council and one in Amey Inter Urban on the Company council. We are also looking for members to stand as local staff reps and Health & Safety reps. If you are interested in standing as a TSSA representative then please contact me at]

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