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Members vote for Amey Homeworker Allowance

7 January 2020

Thank you to everyone in Amey Consulting who voted in our referendum to have a say on the Amey Homeworker offer. The referendum closed midnight 4 January. The overwhelming majority of all votes were in favour of accepting the deal, with over 90% of eligible members who are currently homeworkers not in receipt of an allowance over £25 per month voting to accept.

 To donwload a pdf circular click here   Members vote for Amey Homeworker Allowance

We will write to Amey to formally agree the deal on behalf of staff covered by the Amey Consulting collective bargaining agreement. For full details of the deal, including backpay arrangements, see the links below


· Amey homeworking allowance offer letter:


· Amey homeworking covering letter:


What happens next?


Our union intended to invite only existing homeworkers to participate in the referendum. Because Amey management advised that they do not have reliable information on which employees are eligible homeworkers, we invited all Amey Consulting staff in Bands A to C (those covered by collective bargaining) to participate in our online survey to ensure no one was left out. This indicates that some of you who are now entitled to the allowance may not receive it automatically. If you have any concerns, you can speak to your rep for support in ensuring that you receive the pay you are entitled to.


The allowance is a significant improvement on the longstanding Amey position of refusing to negotiate a national allowance to compensate members for some of the additional costs and inconvenience of homeworking. This was believed to be the best available through long and difficult negotiations. However, we had hoped for a more generous figure and we will continue to seek to increase the value in future negotiations. The allowance is greater than the cost of TSSA subscriptions for most eligible staff, so will more than pay for union membership for those not already in receipt.


Please encourage any colleagues not already in a union to join us online today and help us to continue to improve pay and conditions:


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