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Members vote to agree WMT Driver Manager deal

19 December 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted in our pay referendum following the discussion of the offer at Tuesday's Driver Managers' meeting.

Download a pdf of this circular here:   Members vote to agree WMT Driver Manager deal

Over 85% of members voted in our survey, with over 85% of respondents voting to agree the offer. This gives us a strong mandate to accept the deal on behalf of Driver Managers.


Please see the following documents for details:


Offer letter:


The offer increases basic pay by 3%, backdated to 1 July 2019 and a further productivity increase of £8,689.30 from 1 October 2019. Your future pay anniversary date is now changed to 1 October, in line with the Driver Grades. The deal introduces overtime enhancements of time and a half for Sunday working and time and a quarter for all other overtime. The package is designed to encourage DMs to cover Driver shortages and enable recruitment of DM staff.


Call off arrangements:


This letter sets out the process by which DMs could be requested to drive trains once other processes have been exhausted.


If you’re not already a TSSA member, join online to get involved in our union:



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