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Message from General Secretary to TSSA Members

15 August 2011

Dear TSSA member,

Many of you will have seen the statement released jointly last Friday by the General Secretary of the RMT, Bob Crow and myself with regard to the commencement of discussions between our two respective organisations with the objective of exploring the possibility of merger.

I firmly believe that a new trade union forged out of the very best parts of our two existing unions is an absolute necessity for workers in the transport and travel sectors to ensure that the interests of those workers are best protected and advanced in the very difficult industrial and political circumstances prevailing now and unfortunately into the future.

I do not envisage that our discussions with the RMT will be easy but I am sure that given the goodwill that I recognise does exist on both sides agreement can be reached if both parties are prepared to compromise, which I believe they will. I had never envisaged being part of a new union. It had always been my intention to depart the scene at the time of merger, if that is achieved.

Having reflected on matters I consider that someone who does not intend to serve in a new merged organisation should not be involved in discussions setting that organisation up and I have, therefore, decided to take early retirement later this year. This should not be read as my having any difficulty with the merger talks or those talk’s objectives, quite the contrary. It is purely and simply that I believe that I should clear the decks and leave the platform to those who will form part of the future to fight TSSA’s corner. I wish all the negotiators from both unions the very best of wishes in their difficult endeavour.

Over my almost 40 years membership I have got to know many of you personally, and whilst at times we have not always seen eye to eye the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship has usually prevailed. I hope to see as many of you as possible before I finally take my leave in three months time and, in the meantime, wish you all the very best for the future.

Yours fraternally

Gerry Doherty


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