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Ministers playing politics with northern franchises

27 February 2015

Nick Clegg and Patrick McLoughlin were accused of playing politics for electoral gain in the North today after they announced the timetable for re-franchising Northern and the Trans Pennine franchises.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes pointed out that the deputy Prime Minister and the Transport Secretary were making spending promises after five years of neglecting the North for rail investment.

He said: "This is all "pie in the sky" electioneering by Ministers who are using their taxpayer funded posts to stage pre-election stunts at our expense.

"It cannot be coincidence that they are saying this in the North ten weeks before Nick Clegg looks destined to lose his seat in Sheffield.

"They have had five years to do something about investing in rail in the North but have instead invested billions in the South on Crossrail, £15 billion and Thameslink, £9 billion.

"This is all too little, too late. Mr McLoughlin will not pay the price in his rural Peak District seat but Nick Clegg certainly will in Sheffield."

He called on Ed Miliband to freeze awarding any new franchises if he makes it into Downing Street on May 7.

Labour has promised a review of the private franchising system if elected.


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