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Misinformation by LUL

26 October 2010

The Evening Standard today claimed that TSSA are boycotting peace talks. Nothing could be further from the truth. We agreed to attend peace talks on three separate occasions, and on each occasion LUL changed the basis on which they were prepared to enter into talks.

The TSSA negotiating team can only negotiate with the authority of TSSA reps. These reps have themselves been elected to represent our members in the dispute. It has therefore been necessary to seek a fresh mandate from our reps each time LUL narrow the basis on which they are prepared to talk. Details of the obstacles that LUL have put in the path of meaningful talks are detailed in an exchange of letters.

Letter from London Underground

Letter from TSSA

We are not boycotting talks; however, we do need a reps meeting to agree our approach before the negotiating team can return to ACAS. LUL management are simply refusing to allow our reps to be released until some unspecified time in the middle of next week. In other words LUL are consciously frustrating any possibility of a meeting at ACAS until after the next strike day (24 hours from 9pm Tuesday). LUL’s behaviour is odd; it is also a sign of their weakness. We need to ensure that the next strike day is even more effective than the last.

We have been focussing our attention on Duty Station Managers and the volunteers who have opened stations. Some DSM’s have sadly come to work on previous strike days, but they are increasingly concerned about bullying, and the risks of having poorly trained agency staff on their stations. The ‘volunteers’ from Broadway may also have dried up after they were rewarded for strikebreaking with threats to their own jobs.

What can I do to help?

- Pass this circular onto colleagues and get it displayed prominently.
- Sign the petition
- Undertake our survey
- If you are not a union member, then join us
- Follow us on Twitter
- Become a ‘station contact’ and get regularly updated news: send an email]

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