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More than half of trains run late on key lines

8 September 2014

More than half of all trains on key lines ran late in the last year, figures from the TSSA revealed today.

Three private train firms, Grand Central, Cross Country, and First Hull Trains, came bottom of the league for their trains arriving on time.
Grand Central managed to get only four of out of ten trains, 40.4%, onto platforms on time, Cross Country, 41.7% and First Hull Trains, 48.8%.
Richard Branson's Virgin Trains just managed to get over half of his trains to run according to timetable, 52% and Southern got 54.2% on their trains to run on time.
The best firms for "real time" performance were Chiltern, 85.9% on time, Arriva Trains Wales, 84.4% and London's LOROL, 84.2%.
Manuel Cortes, union general secretary, said:
"Even given the bad winter weather, these figures show that the private rail firms are still not delivering the levels of service that passengers expect in return for paying the highest fares in Europe.
"These figures show the daily reality of persistently late and cancelled trains for millions of passengers who are facing yet another increase in fares of 2.5% in January.  
"The performance of too many operators has been truly woeful."
The real time figures show when trains actually run late. The official performance figures released by the Network Rail do not record trains as late until commuter trains are more than five minutes late and long distance trains are more than ten minutes late.
Only 51.7% of long distance trains arrived on time last year, according to the real time figures contained in NR's Annual Return. Commuter trains in London and the South East achieved an on time figure of 66.5%.

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