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Iarnrod Eireann – Monthly Pay

10 May 2017

We have received a number of calls from members concerning an attempt by Iarnrod Eireann to impose monthly pay on members without agreement. It appears the company is targeting senior grades first. However it would be our view that it would be the intention of Iarnrod Eireann to try and eventually move everyone onto monthly pay.


We are advising members that if you are paid monthly in our view this is a contractual arrangement so it can only be changed by mutual agreement. If the company force or make the change without your consent then we believe they are in breach of contract. You are therefore well within your rights to politely refuse to move to monthly pay. If you are being told that you are moving to monthly pay without your consent and are TSSA member please contact us.

TSSA has not agreed to any changes of the payroll from weekly/fortnightly to monthly.

We have written to the CEO David Franks raising our concerns on this issue. Below are the contents of that letter for your information.


Mr David Franks

Chief Executive

Iarnrod Eireann

Connolly Station

Dublin 1

Re: Monthly Pay

Our reference:

Your reference:

10 May 2017


Dear David,

A number of our members have raised concerns around the proposal to impose monthly pay without agreement as outlined in your email of 9 May 2017. You are aware that the TSSA has not agreed to any changes of payroll from weekly/fortnightly to monthly for any of our members.

It is the view of this trade union that any attempt to do so amounts to a breach of contract. Our members current pay cycle is a contractual arrangement so it can only be changed by mutual agreement. This applies to all members regardless if they are covered by collective bargaining or not. Members outside of collective bargaining are entitled to full trade union representation for grievance issues, breach of contract and this proposed change to monthly pay falls within that definition.

We have advised our members that they are well within their rights to politely refuse to move to monthly pay. If Iarnrod Eireann persists in changing how our members are currently paid the TSSA will then take the necessary action either internally or via a third party to resolve this dispute.

Up until now my understanding has been that any request to change how staff have been paid has been via agreement. It is extremely disappointing that Iarnrod Eireann

Would deviate from this principle and step outside the accepted industrial relations practice and attempt to coerce staff onto the monthly pay cycle.

It is also clear from your email that it is the intention to move all staff onto monthly pay and the senior management staff are being targeted first, presumably with the view that they will not rock the boat, if this is the case it is both cynical and disrespectful to our members in the senior management grade.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick McCusker

Senior Irish Organiser

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